Both the melody Rodney Atkins' 'Just Wanna Rock N' Roll' lyrics will instantly put you in a carefree and happy frame of mind. Crafted by hit songwriters Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins, the song allows the listener to escape the crazy life they lead and forget all their troubles -- even if it's just for the duration of the song.

"I showed up to work, and a lot of times when Chris and I write together, he gets here a little bit earlier than I do because he has little kids and they wake him up at like five in the morning," Clawson tells Taste of Country of writing 'Just Wanna Rock N' Roll.' "He was already building a track with a really cool twin bass part on the front, and that’s the thing that got us kicked off rockin’. Chris had an idea for a song about everybody having a hard week or whatever, so come here and just forget about it."

"Times are tough and times are strange / But time's one thing that you can't change / Love is a noun and love is a verb / Add sometimes love is a dirty word / It don't matter what tomorrow brings / Tonight you just need to think about one thing / And that's showing up and letting go / And maybe gettin' just a little out of control," they wrote in the opening lyrics of the song.

"'Just Wanna Rock N' Roll’ sounds like it’s supposed to be a big rock song," Tompkins says of the Rodney Atkins release. "The whole thing about it is that it’s a laid back song. We thought it was cool to do that. To 'rock n’ roll' would be just do your typical Friday or Saturday night thing, where you just go forget about everything and whatever you're doing, and go have fun. I guess the definition of 'rock n’ roll' in our song would be just having music in the background, drinking and all that stuff."

"And sing woah-oh / Don't you just wanna rock 'n' roll / Gather up a couple of friends / Let a shot hit the spot / And the party begin / And sing woah-oh, yeah / Don't you just wanna rock 'n' roll / Lose yourself out in the crowd / In the night, in the lights / Cut it loose and loud / Drown all the stressed up / All that up messed up out / That's all I'm talking about," they wrote in the 'Just Wanna Rock N' Roll' chorus.

"The first line in the chorus is the key thing about what we’re trying to say in the song," notes Clawson. "And the end of the chorus is what it’s all about. It’s about going out and having a little stress relief."

"It’s all about having fun," adds Tompkins. "I love to write those kind of songs."

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