Taylor Swift is set to release 'Everything Has Changed,' her duet with singer and tourmate Ed Sheeran as the next single from 'Red.' As is the case with a new track, there will be an accompanying video -- but surprisingly, neither Swift nor Sheeran will appear in the clip.

Sheeran revealed the news of a Swift-and-Sheeran-less video during a radio interview with Kidd Kraddick.

"People always say, 'Eventually you'll have to be in your videos.' But the album outside of America has done three million copies so far, without full music video releases," the British singer/songwriter -- who is absent from all of his own videos since he thinks that the visual should be about the song rather than the artist -- admits.

That line of thinking has apparently transferred over to Swift, who is usually the star of her own clips, factoring herself into the plot and the narrative and showing off her acting skills.

"I've managed to get it to rub off on Taylor now, because the next song that she's releasing is our single, and we're not in the video either," Sheeran reports.

While the two hit songmakers won't cameo in the clip, this idea does open up endless possibilities for a creativity. It could be animated, completely populated by actors, or maybe even puppets?