We got some idea of how Taylor Swift feels about bullying and hateful things that are said about her through her hit single, 'Mean,' but the 21-year-old pop-country superstar admits that she tries to avoid reading anything about herself, and never even Googles her name, to avoid seeing anything negative.

When asked whether or not she uses search engines to read headlines about herself, Swift tells CMT very flatly that no, she absolutely doesn't. "No, you can't ever Google yourself or else your self esteem will just go like that," she adds, giving a hand gesture to symbolize a significant decline. "You'll read something that's not true or you'll read just like a little fact that's like a little off base and you'll be like, 'Nobody knows what's really going on! Like, what's going on?'"

Swift understands that success comes at a price, and that not everyone will love her or her music, but tries to avoid knowing what is being said all together. "I don't have thick skin," she admits. "If somebody says something mean, it will hurt my feelings. Anything bad that I read about myself, I'm just like … [fakes sobbing]."

Despite her own struggle with bullying, 'Mean' was undoubtedly helpful to Swift's fans facing similar battles. The song, which was released as a single from her 'Speak Now' album, was followed by singles 'The Story of Us' and 'Sparks Fly.'

Watch Taylor Swift Talk About Googling Herself