Taylor Swift will release a new album called Reputation on Nov. 10, according to a post on her Instagram page on Wednesday (Aug. 23).

The post confirms what fans have suspected since Swift suddenly went black on social media on Aug. 18, deleting all of her posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She returned to social media on Monday (Aug. 21) to share a mysterious 10-second video of what appeared to be a magnified snake’s tail, with no further explanation.

#TaylorSwiftIsASnake became a common hashtag several years ago after the singer engaged in public feuds with her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and others, which put a dent in her previously almost angelic public image.

Another post on Wednesday seems to suggest that Swift may draw on the headlines she generates as the inspiration for the songs on Reputation, showing her face superimposed over a backdrop of newsprint.

Yet another post reveals that the first single from the project will drop Thursday night (Aug. 24).

Reputation will be Swift's first album since released 1989 on Oct. 27, 2014. It marks her first effort since the long ordeal of a very public back-and-forth and trial in a series of lawsuits between her and former Denver radio personality David Mueller, whom she accused of sexually assaulting her at a meet and greet after her Denver concert in 2013.

A judge dismissed Mueller's claims of libel and interference in employment against Swift, and a jury awarded Swift a symbolic one dollar after determining that Mueller had indeed assaulted her by grabbing her behind during a photo op after her show. Swift has vowed to help other women financially to fight their cases of sexual harassment, and she made good on that claim with an "extremely generous"  donation to the Joyful Heart Foundation in the wake of the verdict.

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