The fourth song from the Band Perry's self-titled debut album is the first that fails to find a unique spot amongst the others on country radio. 'All Your Life' sounds like a song a dozen different artists could have cut, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you live on the edges, as this sibling trio has through three singles now, it's sometimes a good idea to play it safe.

"Would you walk to the edge of the ocean / Just to fill my jar with sand / Just in case I get the notion / To let it run through my hand," Kimberly Perry sings to begin the song. It's a more generic lyric than fans of this band are used to. The youngest may fall in love with this easy to digest story, but the wiser amongst us will just sort of shrug their shoulders and say, "Ehh."

"I don't want the whole world / The sun the moon and all their light / I just want to be the only girl / You love all your life / You love all your life." During this chorus Perry's voice tests its highest registers, a place she should only go periodically. Grabbing these high notes is like walking too far out on the limb of a tree you've just climbed. She's liable to run out of branch if she doesn't get off quickly.

The bridge is the stand out minute of this nearing-four-minute-long ballad. The band breaks it down as the female Perry sings directly to the man she's stalk ... er, dreaming about. "Lately I've bee writing / Desperate love songs / I mostly sing them to the wall / You could be the centerpiece of / My obsession / If you notice me." These days it's rare to get four singles off an album, especially a debut album, so 'All Your Life' will do nothing to harm the Band Perry's reputation as innovators. Hopefully they find their edge when it comes time to record the next album.

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