The direction of the Band Perry's music is near the top of a list of items the sibling trio is looking to clarify through their new song "Comeback Kid." They never said they were going pop, Kimberly Neil and Reid Perry tell Taste of Country.

The nature of the trio's relationships with their dual record labels is similar to the relationship they had with Big Machine Label Group prior to splitting with them in March.

"Folks were freaking out for a half-minute, like ‘Interscope, is that a pop label?!" Kimberly says. "Here’s what people forget, we were signed to Republic Nashville originally. The reason that we did that deal was so that our partner in New York, Republic, could take songs like 'If I Die Young' after they grew up at country to the rest of the world.”

Republic Nashville was a joint venture between Republic Records out of New York and Big Machine Records in Nashville. The Band Perry signed with Republic Nashville in 2009. "If I Die Young" became a big hit on country radio, as well as other radio formats. They say they have always wanted that opportunity, but country radio remains the priority.

“It’s really no different than it’s been already," Neil Perry says.

A side benefit of signing with Interscope is that the label is positioned to help the Band Perry with international touring — something they say is a priority in the near future. In 2016 the group has select fair and festival dates scheduled, but they'll begin a proper album tour after taking some time off the road.

For the Band Perry, "Comeback Kid" is more than just a chance to respond to critics, doubters and media outlets eager to tell their story for them.

“Of course we wanna set the record straight, but so much bigger than that, we just really wanted to write a piece of music that anybody who’s walking through a challenging moment can kind of come up next to them and hold their hand as they’re walking through it and go, ‘Look you might be down for a minute but you’re gonna get back on your feet because you’re made of something strong and great.’”

As for the storyline that the Band Perry were "going pop"?

“We never said it," Kimberly insists. "Will you hear us on pop radio? I hope so, just like you did six years ago with ‘If I Die Young.’”

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