Property Brothers stars the Scott Brothers make their musical debut with “Hold On,” one of two tracks they’ve written and released on iTunes. The coffee shop country ballad is a love song written from the perspective of someone missing home.

Sonically, Drew and Jonathan Scott are easily comparable to Dan + Shay, but their harmonies are not quite as pronounced. The arrangement is a little grittier than songs like "19 You + Me," but not by much. It’s a folky blend of guitar, piano, vocals and drums.

“Hold On” could be aimed at a lover, or even one’s kids. Anyone asked to spend days away from family will find something relatable during this emotional dip of honey. The song mostly relies on the Scott Brothers' vocals — the production is understated.

Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson helped the Scott Brothers write “Hold On” and “Let the Night Shine In.” Both songs were a part of their recent HGTV special Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch.

Listen to the Scott Brothers, “Hold On”

The Scott Brothers, “Hold On” Lyrics:

“Another new city, another new town / Making the memories, making each moment count / My new favorite place is where I’ve never been / But there’s one place I go back again and again and again.”

“Hold on, hold on / I’m comin’ home, I’m comin’ home / It’s been too long, way too long / So I’m comin’ home to you.”

“Can’t help but smile when the plane touches down / Knowing that I’ll see your face in the crowd / We’ll talk for hours and the world fades away / I live for these moments, my heart it counts down the days.”

“Always come home to you / Your love is what gets me through all these days and nights / I think about this crazy life / Everything changes but you.”

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