Trisha Yearwood revealed plans for a new album and sang three new songs during a media event in Nashville on Tuesday night (Aug. 19). The superstar has signed with Sony and RCA Records, the same label that husband Garth Brooks announced a deal with in July.

An admittedly nervous Yearwood took the stage in front of about 100 people to explain what she's been up to and what she has planned. 'PrizeFighter' will be her 12th studio album -- the first since 'Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love' in 2007. She didn't play the title track for media, explaining it was too big of a production for an acoustic performance. She did reveal, however, what the title means to her.

"It's a song on the album that's about beating the odds and winning the fight no matter what," she said, adding "I think it's a message we all need to hear."

Yearwood performed three new songs, plus her 1992 hit 'Wrong Side of Memphis.' 'Cowboys are My Weakness' was first. The shuffling mid-tempo vocal showcase was a reminder of her easy power. She ranged from lows to almost yodeling highs with grace and composure.

Next was a Matraca Berg co-written song called 'Your Husband Is Cheating on Us.'

"It’s wrong, it’s politically incorrect and it’s fantastic,” Yearwood said after admitting she didn't think she could sing the song at first. Berg had written it from the point of view of the wife. Yearwood's version finds her as the other woman. The message is the same.

'I Remember You' was her final reveal. The emotional ballad was clearly inspired by her late mother, a woman who's influences she says is in every song, every recipe and every piece of cookware she's helped design.

In addition to the album, Yearwood and the Food Network announced that the singer will be releasing a new cookbook called 'Trisha's Table' next April. The fifth season of her series 'Trisha's Southern Kitchen' begins on Aug. 23. Bob Tuschman from the Food Network was on hand at the Cordelle in Nashville to discuss her culinary plans.

Yearwood, looking trim and healthy in all black, made it clear she'll never stop singing. It's her calling, and she absolutely loves every moment she's able to use her voice. Early on, she compared a country artist's career to that of a professional baseball player, saying she once thought if she could get a few good years, she'd be happy and maybe consider putting down the bat.

“It’s been 23 years since my first single and I’m just not ready to stop swinging the bat,” Yearwood said.

There's no word on a release date for 'PrizeFighter.' Sony CEO Gary Overton promised a new single very soon.

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