Zach Bryan surprised his Minneapolis, Minn., crowd recently with WWE star Brock Lesnar. The wrestling standout joined Bryan for a few lines for a lively rendition of his song "Revival."

Lesnar looked the part as he took the stage. The six-foot-three, 286-pound wrestler donned jeans, a black Coors shirt and black cowboy hat. He nodded along and engaged the crowd as Bryan sang the verses before jumping in on the chorus.

At one point, the country singer stepped aside to give Lesnar his time in the spotlight and on the microphone. Bryan strummed along enthusiastically as the wrestler belted out the tune, with the audience singing along.

"'Cause we're havin' an all-night revival / Someone call the women and someonе steal the Bible / For thе sake of my survival / It's on y'all / Baptize me in a bottle of Beam, put Johnny on the vinyl," Lesnar sings passionately into the mic.

Although not a native of Minneapolis or Minnesota, Lesnar is billed as being from Minneapolis. He is also known as "The Beast Incarnate" or "The Beast" in the world of wrestling. He's had a handful of runs in the WWE organization, returning twice to defend his title as WWE Universal Champion.

Bryan has been busy on the road in 2023. His extensive Burn, Burn, Burn Tour will wrap on Aug. 30 with a show in Kansas City. The singer-songwriter is also preparing a new studio album that will arrive on Aug. 25. The self-titled project is his fourth full-length studio release and follows his massive 34-song offering American Heartbreak, which he dropped in 2022.

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