Chase Rice returns to country radio with his nostalgic new single, "Eyes On You." The singer penned the song with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, and the track is featured on his 2017 album, Lambs & Lions. While the track details a romantic night spent in California with a woman, Rice says the song comes from a real experience he had in Hawaii.

"'Eyes On You' was a true story," he tells VEVO. "I've had a lot of songs about a girl gets up in my truck and the perfect night, but this one dives a little deeper into that. We [used] California in the song, but it was a night in Hawaii."

He further explains that the song details several places he went with a girl, and the truths felt in that moment can be heard within the lyrics of "Eyes On You."

"For me, it was a particular couple of places. You put those truths and the depths of the situation into the song," he shares. "That's what makes it the most special song, I think, I've ever put out so far."

Rice's stripped-down performance highlights this reminiscing alongside delicate strums of an acoustic guitar. Backed by a keyboardist, two guitar players and a percussionist, he further gets this feeling across to the listener.

"To me, that's the biggest song on the album—and I think it will be the biggest song on the album," Rice previously told Taste of Country Nights. "It's really cool to see a big, big song like that. We think we can follow it with 'Three Chords & the Truth.'"

Rice is currently touring around the country, and will head overseas for several U.K. dates in October.

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