There hasn't been a daddy-daughter dance this adorable in quite some time. Sorry, don't expect a father and his daughter emotionally slow-dancing at her wedding ... this is pure fun! Set to Taylor Swift's uber shakeable 'Shake It Off,' this dad and his tiny daughter move their groove thangs like they mean it.

Not only is this dad willing to get goofy, coming up with bizarre and laugh-out-loud moves (he even sports a horse's head in some of the video clips), he also obviously just loves to be with his daughter, because this video was not a five-minute project. There are outfit changes (including, of course, a cheerleader costume), edits and even some choreography thrown in!

While 'Shake It Off' may not be dad's choice of jam, his daughter was clearly having the time of her life. And although she's super young, girl has got some enviable dance moves. We can't get enough of this combo! Can't stop. Won't stop.

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