A show at the Boots and Hearts Music Festival in Ontario, Canada over the weekend turned scary for the Band Perry. While the trio was performing for a crowd of 28,000, fans got a bit too excited, which led to an injury for frontwoman Kimberly Perry.

The songstress approached the barrier which separates the band from the audience during the Saturday (Aug. 3) show, which is when some overly enthusiastic fans pulled her against the partition. Unfortunately, Perry suffered bruising and abrasion to her leg -- but she was so caught up in her performance, she didn't notice.

When she bounded back onstage, she realized her dress had been ripped during the frenzy, but she handled it like a true professional, tearing off the ripped fabric and throwing it into the crowd. One lucky fan snagged a one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home after the show, as it's not every day someone gets to take home a piece of a country star's outfit.

The 'Done' hitmaker tells Country Weekly that the injury didn't really bother her. “It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even realize that my leg had been hurt," Perry reveals. "I just noticed the rip in my dress and saw that part of it was just hanging by a thread, so I ripped off the rest and tossed it out into the crowd. It was one of those sweaty, primitive stage moments I live for."

It's just one more reason we love her. She's sweet, talented, one of the 10 sexiest female country stars and full of tough stuff when it counts the most.

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