Police officers know to expect the unexpected. However, for Deputy Bussell of the Johnson County Sheriff's Department, this particular encounter — which happened Aug. 5, 2023 — was one that he and the alleged speeder will not soon forget.

A driver was stopped for speeding, and Dep. Bussell could tell that something was bothering the man. He appeared to be going through some things, and being pulled over for speeding really brought him to tears.

As the deputy is verbally trying to comfort the man by telling him that everything is all right and will get better, the driver makes a request that one normally wouldn’t make during a police stop.

The driver suddenly says, “I need a hug. I need a hug please.”

The deputy replies with, “Sure!”

The gentleman proceeds to exit the car while apologizing, and Dep. Bussell assures him that he is all good. The two then exchange a deep, heartfelt hug.

Commenters on the Facebook post from the Johnson County Sheriff's Department are very positive and encouraging.

"Deputy Bussell is a credit to his profession and his community. We need more law enforcement officers with his compassion and concern," one person writes. "I hope he is recognized and held up as a role model and used in the training of other officers. He is a hallmark example of what our law enforcement officers should strive to emulate. Well done sir.”

Another Facebook comment takes it to a deeper level, saying:

“This may seem like a simple hug. But you likely saved this man’s life tonight. Sometimes we just need a reminder that we matter to others and you gave that reminder to this man here. thank you for being a wonderful human!”

People like Dep. Bussell are unsung heroes that deserve all the praise in the world.

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