Country crooner Trace Adkins has been frank about his future, recently admitting that his music career may be nearing its end before enjoying success with his new album 'Love Will ...' While it seems that the 'Watch the World End' singer is thriving within country music, he may get another break -- this time, in Hollywood. 

Tthe 51-year-old singer will be appearing in yet another film, according to Nashville Gab, and it involves a whole bunch of lovely females. He's certainly no stranger to the film scene. Adkins will soon be starring in 'The Virginian'  and has been making his rounds all over Hollywood appearing in several other movies.

This newest film, with the working title 'Mom's Night Out,' according to Wet Paint, sounds a little more lighthearted than other flicks Adkins has appeared in. He's working alongside 'Grey's Anatomy' star Sarah Drew. The film -- which also stars Patricia Heaton and Sean Astin -- quickly spirals from an exhausted mom needing a night out ... to a mom needing a "get out of jail" card.

Here's the synopsis:

"It’s a story about a mother named Allyson [Sarah Drew], who has three wonderful, energetic, creative, imaginative, industrious (and did we mention energetic?) children all under the age of seven. She is attempting to be “Super-Mom,” but it’s only making her super-stressed and super-tired. So when her husband Sean [Sean Astin] suggests she take a night off with her friends, she figures a nice relaxing dinner with some good grown-up conversation will be just the break they all need. But when “nice relaxing dinner” turns into nachos at the bowling alley, and leads to talking herself out of jail, it is clear that something has gone wrong, terribly wrong."

Apparently, the rough, tough Adkins and sweet, red-haired Drew hit it off as he tweeted, "Bye, sweetie!" to the actress, who said, "I had such a blast working with you!!!" He apparently plays a character named Bones.

Although he's been busy acting, he also has a Christmas album coming out, which will be an exciting gift from Adkins to his fans. The singer also lit up the stage at the 2013 Taste of Country Music Festival last weekend, where he started his set with 'Proud to Be Here.'

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