Blake Shelton quickly regretted his appearance on Ellen on Monday (Nov. 5) because of how quickly she resurfaced stage fall he suffered in July during a show at Pendleton Whisky Music Fest in Oregon.

"Why in God's name do I come on this show?" he asked the audience as the footage of the fall continuously played behind him.

"I blame it on Pitbull," Shelton admits of his tumble. "Pitbull was on that show — which is a great combination by the way — so you can imagine how I was feeling. I fell down on stage."

DeGeneres continues to push to find out exactly how the fall happened ("did you fall down on your own foot?"), but the country star does his best to deflect.

"Does it matter?" he asks, grinning. "It is what it is. It's embarrassing."

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While on the show, Shelton also talked vodka — specifically his brand, Smithworks Vodka. "That business is a slow build," he admits, "But I think from what I hear that we will be completely nationwide by this time next year."

The host couldn't let the country star leave without trying it, obviously.

"It seems like if you have it there," Shelton remark in a clip of Monday's episode as DeGeneres pours shots. "I’m your last interview of the day, right?"

While on the show, Shelton also dished on his new tour, which embarks next year. The country hitmaker's Friends & Heroes Tour will include John Anderson, the Bellamy Brothers, Trace Adkins and Lauren Alaina.

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