Country stars have the money to live however they want to, and some of them have plunked down serious cash for some pretty outlandish touches in their mansions.

Have you ever thought of having your own bowling alley? Jason Aldean's actually got one! His whopping $7.8 million rural castle comes with a fully detached alley. Alan Jackson's antebellum estate has a garage that would be the envy of any car enthusiast, but that's certainly not his only extravagance.

Check Out Jason Aldean's Amazing Fairytale Home!

When Kelly Clarkson wants to go to the movies, she doesn't have to leave home. Her lavish mansion outside Nashville includes its own theater, a feature it shares with Kenny Rogers' former Atlanta estate.

An amazing sunroom, several full bars and more are featured in the gallery above, which features not only some wacky, one-of-a-kind items, but also some really extravagant examples of things you'd normally find in a house. Perhaps the most ingenious thing we've ever seen in a celebrity home is one country star's guitar-shaped swimming pool. Wanna know who it belongs to? Find out by clicking through the photos above!

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