Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie Xo wants fans to help her choose her Halloween costume, and the suggestions thus far have been very creative.

On social media, she has shared some of her past costumes and promises to pick five suggestions from the comments section to style her haunting this year.

Video shows still photos of Bunnie dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo, a NFL referee, Catwoman, a skeleton, "Daddy's lil devil" and several bunnies.

"Spooky" isn't necessarily the word one would use to describe Bunnie's Halloween style. See for yourself — here she is as Chucky:

Her dedication to all things haunted goes a bit beyond costumes. The Dumb Blonde podcast is dedicated to true crime in October, and a clip finds the host talking to a mortician named Lauren Eliza about the ethical way to sell human body parts.

Jelly Roll doesn't look to be as all-in on Halloween as his wife, but there is at least one snap of him dressed as a very convincing Fred Flintstone. That's part of a video galley Bunnie shared, and in this photo she's definitely not dressed up as Wilma.

As far as suggestions, fans want to see her dressed as other female celebrities: Early 2000s Christina Aguilera in chaps and Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman are at the top currently. Pam Anderson and Jessica Rabbit are two more. One person suggested Peg Bundy from the '90s Fox sitcom Married With Children.

The "Need a Favor" singer's Backroad Baptism Tour wraps on Oct. 28, so the couple may be home for the holiday.

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