Jessie James Decker has it all, from an adorable family to a thriving business to a fanbase that follows her no matter where she goes. But she still has plenty on her professional to-do list, including hearing her songs on country radio again.

“I have always been very fortunate to have all sort of believers around me. But I still want to find my way back onto country radio,” Decker tells Taste of Country during a recent interview. “I have been singing and loving country music since I was a child. I left my [pop] label [Epic Records], and now, my immediate goal now is to find a way back to country radio.”

Of course, Decker has seen her share of country music success in the past. Most recently, her second studio album, Southern Girl City Lights, found its way to the top of Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart back in 2017. And now, she’s looking to find her way back into country music’s graces with her latest single, "Roots and Wings," a song that came out of her rather organically.

“[My husband] Eric [Decker] and I were sitting by the fireplace drinking wine, and I started singing the chorus,” Decker recalls. “Eric thought it was already a song, and when he found out it wasn’t, he told me to go right into the studio and work on it.”

Decker says the song comes from a place of gratitude for a life journey that she constantly appreciates.

“I hadn’t been out with a song for such a long time since I have been focusing on my home life,” says Decker, who gave birth to her third baby in 2018. “It had to be a song that was special, and I certainly feel like this one is.”

And while she is prepped to continue to prove herself in the country music space, Decker says she feels blessed to have fans who have followed her every step of the way, no matter what genre her music has fallen into throughout the years.

“I took a bit of a break and there were times when I wondered if they would still be passionate for me and my work,” says the star, who is currently out on tour through the month of May. “As soon as I got back on the road and they started singing along, I knew the passion was still there.”

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