Kenny Chesney's 'American Kids' lyrics captured the superstar right away -- so it's no surprise to anyone that song would become a No. 1 hit. Hey, the man is a star for a reason.

"We were Jesus save me, blue jean baby / Born in the USA," the chorus of the lead single from Chesney's 'The Big Revival' album begins. From the very moment the 46-year-old heard 'American Kids,' he just knew it was the song for him.

"When Shane (McAnally) played me the song,” the singer says, “I knew I was going to cut it. In fact, I gave him a hard time for not playing it for me sooner. Not only is it musically so engaging, but the pictures it paints are undeniable! No matter where you’re from, there are pieces of that song that’re just who you are ... and they show you at your very best. We’re all, like the song says, ‘a little messed, but we’re all alright’."

The 'American Kids' lyrics focus on the little things in life, the things that made up our growing up years -- no matter the generation -- and assures listeners that we're all a little weird, and that's alright.

"Put me on the cover of the Rolling Stone / Uptown, down-home American kids / Growin' up in little pink houses / Makin' out on living room couches / Blowin' that smoke on Saturday night / A little messed up, but we're all alright," Chesney sings.

"There is so much more to being alive than partying, tailgates and bonfires," he explains. "It's every single detail of being young, growing up, remembering when, laughing about how, but especially knowing you can still do all those things!"

Adds Chesney, "The moments in this song are all very real, and while they’re universal, they’re anything but generic, so I think people grabbed a hold of it for that -- and because of the way it moves.”

'American Kids' was written by country powerhouse songwriters Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally.

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