Last August, Randy Travis was arrested for suspicion of DWI -- reportedly while naked -- after driving his car into a Texas construction site. On Thursday (Jan. 10), Travis's blood-alcohol test came back, and he will now be formally charged with driving while intoxicated.

On August 7 Travis was picked up for suspicion of DWI, as well as retaliation and obstruction, after he allegedly crashed his car and “verbally threatened” a police officer. At the time, the 'Three Wooden Crosses' singer refused to take a blood and breath test. A search warrant was issued for his blood.

Apparently, the country crooner would have failed the sobriety test, because the results are in -- and Travis was far from sober on the night he was arrested. According to an NBC affiliate, Travis's blood alcohol content level was higher than 0.15, which makes the charge a Class A misdemeanor. That can land the singer in jail for up to two years, and cause him to be fined up to $4,000.

"The case has taken some time because of blood tests that have been completed by both the prosecution and the defense," Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said in a news release. "The parties have also been actively negotiating on resolving the case, and we anticipate that we will resolve the matter in a short time period."

So far, Travis hasn't commented on the arrest, which came during a big year of getting into trouble in the public eye. After the 2012 Super Bowl, the country singer got into an argument with his girlfriend and was spotted drinking alone in his car in the parking lot of a Texas church. He was charged with public intoxication. He’s also had legal trouble with his ex-wife. In May, he claimed she sabotaged his career.

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