You've heard about "arm and a leg" pricing, but what about a kidney?

A company called Greenback polled a large group of Taylor Swift fans were on the lengths they would go to in order to make it into Allegiant Stadium for Super Bowl 58. With prices for the game already at the highest point the Super Bowl has ever seen, some Swifties are taking things to extreme lengths.

A small contingent (5 percent) have already gotten their tickets, spending on average $7,094 to get in, while 21 percent of Swifties who responded said that they would be willing to get a second job to round up the money needed.

Another 7 percent say they would rather just charge it and go into debt to lock up the tickets, but 1 percent of fans claim that they would even go as far as selling an organ to get in.

Swift will not need to resort to the black market of organ dealings to make her way in, but she is going to some great lengths. Once her concert is over in Tokyo on Saturday, she will fly more than 5,500 miles to Las Vegas.

The more than twelve hour flight — and the timezone change — should get her into Sin City in plenty of time before the 6:30PM ET kickoff.

As for the on-field game, Swifties will have their eyes glued to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce: Nearly 3 in 10 fans believe he will be named the Super Bowl MVP. If that comes true, Kelce would be the first ever TE to win Super Bowl MVP.

Perhaps the Swifties should put some money down? Kelce is listed as a middle-of-the-road shot at VP at +1200 in some sportsbooks.

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