While there might not be a big story behind the Band Perry's 'Better Dig Two' lyrics, the song has been a surefire hit since hitting country radio. The latest single from the sibling trio was actually born out of an accidental writing session between Shane McAnally, Trevor Rosen and Brandy Clark.

"I was writing at the company where Shane was at at the time," Clark tells Taste of Country of the day the lyrics came to be. "I was writing with someone else there. I didn't know Shane very well at the time. We had written a few times. I stuck my head in the room, just to say hey to him, and he was writing with Trevor. It was the end of the day. He introduced me to Trevor. We sat down and just started talking."

"Trevor started playing the opening chord to 'Better Dig Two,'" Clark continues. "It wasn't that at the time. Shane was like, 'Oh, that's awesome!' So we just started writing it from the top. We didn't have the hook or anything. We started with the opening line, and we just kind of went from there."

"I told you on the day we wed / I was gonna love you 'til I's dead / Made you wait 'til our weddin' night / That's the first and the last time I'll wear white / So if the ties that bind ever do come loose / Tie 'em in a knot like a hangman's noose / 'Cause I'll go to heaven or I'll go to hell / Before I'll see you with someone else," they wrote in the opening 'Better Dig Two' lyrics.

"We didn't get back together on that song for like a year," Clark reveals. "It was just something we had started. We were on a retreat, and the three of us were writing and working on something. Once again, Shane said, 'Hey, what about that minor chord thing we have started?' So we went back and wrote it."

"Put me in the ground / Put me six foot down / And let the stone say / Here lies the girl whose only crutch / Was loving one man just a little too much / If you go before I do / I’m gonna tell the grave digger that he better dig two," they wrote in the chorus.

"The original title was 'Put Me in the Ground,' but somewhere along the way it got changed," notes Clark. "It was a long time getting cut. The Band Perry probably held that song for about a year. They always loved the song and fought for it. Then they ended up cutting it, and three weeks later they premiered it on the CMAs! Their version of it just blew my mind. It really is just amazing!"

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