Uncle Kracker was a little unsure the 'My Hometown' lyrics -- his current single -- when writing them with Shane McAnally and JT Harding. While he liked the song, he just didn't know if it fit the album he was getting ready to record.

"We were writing for the whole record, so me, JT and Shane did a lot of work on this record together, so we wrote a bunch in that week and a half," Uncle Kracker tells Taste of Country. "We started this song, and I remember getting kind of bored with it, so we stopped writing in the middle of this song, and started writing another song. We finished the other one, and came back to this one, because Shane and JT loved 'My Hometown.'"

"We got blue collar people / Little pink houses / White church steeples / Wishes in a fountain / If you know every name on your street and you know them then you know me / That’s my hometown / America’s my hometown," they wrote in the 'My Hometown' lyrics.

"We didn’t feel like we needed to start name dropping [towns], but we thought for a second it would be a cool way to put a twist to it," says Uncle Kracker. "The cities that we did name drop, we tried to add something cool."

"Sweet southern smell of summer in Savannah / Tailgate drop Tuscaloosa, Alabama / That’s my hometown / Yeah that’s my hometown / Trashcan fire, north Detroit / Seventh-inning stretch Chicago, Illinois / That’s my hometown / America’s my hometown," they wrote in the lyrics.

"We’ve all been to ever one of those towns, and it was hard because we didn’t want to be too specific about them," Uncle Kracker notes. "'Sweet southern smell of summer in Savannah' … anybody who’s been to Savannah in the summertime knows it doesn’t smell that great [laughs]! With the paper factories there, it’s got a different smell [laughs], but we didn’t want to offend anybody, either. But I remember when I was a kid and any time a rapper would drop Detroit -- the name, the word -- anything Detroit, I’d be like, ‘Yeah!’ It was like a bonus [laughs]!"

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