Country music fans are naming names. A new trend on X (formerly Twitter) asks fans to name their first, last, best and worst concerts of all time.

It's a nine-question survey that's really eye-opening.

Zach Bryan is an artist who makes "best" and "worst" lists, but he's not alone. In fairness to one superstar, the guy who took a swipe at him is a devoted metalhead, so yeah — take these digs with plenty of grains of salt. It's a barstool kind of debate with no true right or wrong answer.

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Why Is "Worst Concert" Trending?

Why is anything trending? One person put this set of questions out there and someone influential responded. From there the survey picked up steam, etc. ... Here are the categories:

  • First concert
  • Last concert
  • Worst concert
  • Loudest concert
  • Best concert
  • Seen the most
  • Most surprising
  • Next concert
  • Wish I could've seen

Our friends at Loudwire summarized the best rock answers and found responses from the rock community. Thus far, very few if any country artists or industry personalities have weighed in, but fans sure do have opinions!

Instead of just focusing on the worst concerts, notice who is named as "Most Surprising" on ballots that come from non-country fans. Yep, somewhere, someone — at some point — thought, "You know what, I'm going to give this Garth Brooks feller a chance."

You never stop being a new artist, do you?

Respect to these folks for refusing to go negative:

But these country fans didn't mind:

Clearly she's a superfan:

Maybe these people just aren't country fans:

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