Spoiler alert: Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie Xo really likes his new haircut. She's not the only famous country lady to give him some love, either!

Miranda Lambert also chimed in on a post on Bunnie's Instagram page: "Looks great!" the singer and Jelly Roll collaborator says, adding a fire emoji.

That response is muted in comparison to the "Need a Favor" singer's wife's more visual reaction. It's worth knowing the background to fully appreciate this moment:

In May, Bunnie went public with her disapproval of Jelly Roll's flowing long locks. She compared him to Harry, the Sasquatch star of the 1980s movie Harry and the Hendersons.

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Undeterred, Jelly Roll kept the mullet flowing for nearly two more months before he decided to get a trim.

"I'm like a walking natural perm, you know what I'm saying?" he told Taste of Country in the spring. "I go Kenny Powers on these bi--hes. I pull this hat off and this mane just flows, dude."

Post-haircut, Bunnie praised the decision and then offered a video where she's playfully rubbing her face and gnawing on her husband's head. There are cat purr noises added as Jelly Roll looks confused.

"When the hubby finally got rid of his Bill Murray haircut & you can't keep your paws off him," she adds.

So, it's good news for her, but we're still sad. RIP to a great country mullet!

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