Morgan Wallen looks very serious in a new photo sent to Instagram. Fans and friends weren't about to let him get away with it.

  • Wallen cut off his signature mullet in August.
  • Since then he's mostly kept a hat on his buzz cut but a picture posted on Oct. 20 changes that.
  • More than one million people have liked the picture. Thousands of fans have offered reactions and jokes — so many jokes.

Here is the new picture of Wallen, followed by the best fan and friend responses. Some (like Hardy,) you'll recognize, but most are just normal people doing their best work. The 30-year-old is wearing a navy blue, ribbed, three-button shirt that hugs him tight along the chest and biceps. His short mustache gives off cop vibes, but there is a hint of a 5 o'clock shadow across his chin and cheeks.

Some people joked that he looks like a police officer, or at least an actor on Reno 911.

"I feel like you're about to ask for my license and registration," says @djtystreet, while Ernest adds, "Fresh outta tasers."

"Gonna tells my kids that this is who pulled over Zach Bryan," @daringillies15 notes, referring to the country and Americana singer's September arrest for obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

At least one fan was into it — very into it:

"It's giving flat top cop but I would let you take me to jail so," writes @chelsijewel.

attachment-Wallen Response 1

A second group of people think Wallen is entering his dad era. Once again, about half those people are VERY into it.

"Went from daddy's worst nightmare to 'have her home by 9'" says @heatherndahl, while @anna_katherine_kat adds, "Feels like you just told me, 'I'm not mad, Just disappointed.'"

"Something about this makes me think I need to go to my room and think about what I did," writes @megzys106.

Then there is the group that is convinced Wallen has gotten a white-collar job.

"No more music. Morgan sells insurance now," writes. @barrett_brothers.

"Looks like your (sic) trying to sell me solar panels," adds @wachofam.

"The new and improved Jake from State Farm," says @peyytonyatess.

attachment-Wallen Response 2

Finally, there is a group of celebs who is convinced Wallen is aiming for a role in a Tom Cruise movie.

"Big Top Gun vibes," says Bailey Zimmerman.

He's followed by Hardy, who went to the same place when he said, "Talk to me Goose."

"Morgan is in his "going as Travis Kelce for Halloween" era," @justin_danger_nunley

Here are a few more reactions to Wallen's new buzz cut photo that we appreciated:

"You look like you just put on a fresh pair of new balance bby," — @aaryn_williams

"Is this one of those AI photographs?" — @chelcielynn_

"This guy has the nicest riding mower in the subdivision." — @ryanlilleyy

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