Unfortunately, too many girls know exactly what it's like to fall for a guy even when they know he's probably up to no good. Jennifer Nettles' 'That Girl' lyrics tell the story of what happens when a girl meets the wrong guy -- and responds in the best way possible.

When she decided to start working on some solo material, Nettles turned to her old friend Butch Walker for help. The Sugarland star and Walker were friends back in the '90s, when they toured with separate bands and played in the same clubs. Since then, both have had success in the music business, as Walker has written hits for the likes of Fall Out Boy and Pink, while Nettles has become a well-respected presence in country music.

"While writing for this solo album, his name popped to mind and I reached out," Nettles explains on her website. "He said he'd love to write together and came over with this awesome idea for a song called 'That Girl.'"

The 'That Girl' lyrics tell the story of a woman who has been charmed by a man who's just "too good to be true." When she's lured into his sticky web of lies, she doesn't realize that he has another girl waiting for him at home.

"When she finds out that he has someone else in the picture, she takes matters into her own hands and says, 'Oh no honey. This is not happening. See, I'm gonna call her and tell her that you're being 'that guy,' 'cause I don't wanna be 'that girl,'" Nettles writes.

"A friend gave me your number to tell you watch your lover's tracks. See I always kinda liked you, so I wanna have your back," she sings in the first verse.

By the chorus, the 'That Girl' lyrics lead you to admire the song's narrator.

"I don’t want to be that girl / With your guy / To fool you / Make you cry / Wreck it all / For one night / To be with him when he should be with you," the chorus goes.

The by third verse, the girl recognizes that her story is one that has been told before. "We all know how the moral of the story goes / Be careful what you reap because you reap what you sow," Nettles sings. By doing the right thing, the 'That Girl' narrator will surely reap good things in the future.

During the writing process, Nettles and Walker realized that the 'That Girl' lyrics could tell the perspective of 'Jolene' from the classic Dolly Parton song.

"Everyone knows this legendary Dolly song. It is honest and plaintive and sad and haunting. But, what is the other side to that story?" Nettles asks. "What if Jolene really didn't want to 'take her man, just because she can' so to speak?"

"And so, we became inspired by this iconic country song, to offer another story," the award-winning singer adds. "The story of 'That Girl.'"

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