Kacey Musgraves' "Biscuits" lyrics are some of the most unusual at country radio today, and interestingly enough, they came about because of another song entirely.

"Biscuits" is the first single from her highly-anticipated new album, Pageant Material, and Musgraves co-wrote it with Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally — the same team she worked with on her CMA Song of the Year, "Follow Your Arrow." In fact, the phrase "mind your own biscuits" actually came about during the writing session that yielded "Follow Your Arrow."

"She threw it out as a line — I think it was Brandy. She said, 'How about mind your own biscuits?'" Musgraves recalls. The video above contains footage of the moment Clark proposed the line, with McAnally quickly adding in, " ... and life will be gravy."

'Biscuits' is one of the most fun songs that I've ever gotten to be a part of.

Musgraves' "Biscuits" lyrics use a folksy witticism to make a serious point about the value of minding your own business: “Just hoe your own row / And raise your own babies / Smoke your own smoke / And grow your own daisies / Mend your own fences / And own your own crazy / Mind your own biscuits / And life will be gravy.”

"'Biscuits' is one of the most fun songs that I've ever gotten to be a part of," Musgraves says. "Just plumb country fun, and that's really why I love it so much."

Going into the studio to record the song was a light-hearted endeavor, with Musgraves providing a breakfast of (what else?) biscuits and gravy for the assembled musicians and technicians before she sat down to show them the song in an informal run-through on the guitar.

"I love the creation process the most out of everything," she says. "Diving into that world, and then really figuring out how to make those songs speak is kinda what I love the best, so I was more excited than anything just to get back in."

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